Need help to find an guided tour to visit Cinque Terre from Florence


Two of us will stay in Florence for a week. We would like to join a guided tour (including transportation) from Florence to visit Cinque Terre. Can anyone kindly recommend a tour that you have used before? Or, would you show me the way to find one.



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We actually did this tour in a day from Florence:
and would recommend it to anyone looking to see CT in a day. It was a great way to see all of the towns (we only saw Corniglia from the boat since it is on a hill and you need to climb lots of steps to get into the town) and I liked that it included train and ferry to see the towns from the sea. It was a long day but that's how it would be if you also did it on your own taking train from Florence. I think the bus took less time, since with train you need at least 2 train changes in between.

There are other options, some with tours starting from there (you can do the train on your own): terre
At least you can see what other options there are.