new thread questions not being answered?


I noticed that quite a few of recent threads have not received responses (including my own)....Is there a problem or am I doing something incorrectly. I like the possibilities of the site. It seems that it would be a highly useful source for planning a trip to, in this case, Tuscany. Any comments?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao jkh!

You're right but there isn't a problem with the site or with your postings. Just between a few sick days and then a mini-vacation planned last week, I've come back today onto the forum and seen ALL of the questions that seem to all of a sudden have sprouted at the same time - must be spring!! :D I'm going to try to get to all of the questions as soon as I can, and hopefully some of the other long-time posters will also have a chance to chip in with further suggestions :). Sorry to everyone who has been anxiously waiting for replies, I'll get to work right away!
But just so everyone knows: this Forum is a free service we provide on our free time, because we see there is a need for it and like to help out - and there are no regional funds or monetary support at all for our efforts! :D