New Year's Eve Siena 2023/24


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We will be in Siena over New years and hoping the same festival/concerts will be again offered this year in Piazza del Campo. Do we need to purchase tickets to any of the festivities or concerts on offer? Will they release more information about the activities closer to the date, eg times, bands, etc?
Thank you for your assistance

Generally the same locations play host to the concerts every year, so you can definitely use last year's program as a guide as to the locations and even to the types of concerts. For example, if a location plays host to a classical music concert, it likely remains the same year to year, the ensembles and groups change but the genre is kind of appointed a location so that locals know where to head to.

The concerts are all offered for free, unless specified otherwise (generally the indoor ones that might not be part of the city program and are instead private events). Specifics for the program are only released a few weeks ahead of time, they are better in Siena in giving out info a little bit earlier than in Florence, but I look out for that info starting in the second half/end of November and update the articles as soon as I have more details to give. So you could make a note somewhere to check those specific articles or check our blog back at the beginning of December to see what new info we have!