one day in florence


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my family only has one day in florence coming up in june on a monday. i know that means that we cannot see david, most of the walking tours i have found are not offered on mondays, i guess because of that? do you have any leads on tours or tour guides willing to tour a small group on a monday.

we would love someone to take us through the duomo as well as a walking tour of ' dante's florence'

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Walking tours of Florence

The walking tours that include the Accademia or Uffizi for sure will not be offered on Mondays, since both museums are closed on Mondays.

You will just have to look into a walking tour of the city without the museums and you should be able to find many:

As far as Dante's Florence, these 3 offer a themed-Inferno based tour:
This last one, being a private tour, includes going inside the Baptistery and Duomo.