One day in Tuscany


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I have been to Florence 25 years ago. I am coming back on a Cruise ship and have only 12 hours in Tuscany. Unfortunately we will be coming on a Monday so the major museums are closed. I am trying to determine what activity I should do. Is it worth going back to Florence? Would my best option be Pisa? Also looking at going to Cinque Terra. Do I go with some shore excursion from the ship or venture out on my own?



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one day in Tuscany


I get your dilema - if you are a museum fan and that would be your main reason for wanting to come to Florence, then maybe you can skip it this time.

A combination tour of Pisa, Lucca and a vineyard would be lovely - and fairly close to the cruise ship so you don't spend a lot of time driving. The cruise ship could help you get a private driver (sometimes they can even combine you up with a few experience has always been after a couple days aboard you might even find someone who is up to sharing a taxi & since you can fit up to 8 persons in one, that makes it very cost friendly). Check out this article for a suggestion around Pisa/Lucca/Wine.

If you are a "do-it-yourself" kind of person, then you can take the train and head off to visit several places...a stop in Pistoia or even Prato (without going to Florence) are easy by train and both are fascinating little towns.

However, if you are looking to kick back and just "enjoy" Tuscany then I suggest you leave to an organized tour - they know the timeframe and are responsible for getting you back to the cruise in time. Having said this - CT is absolutely beautiful ... but so is Tuscany, and I would suggest looking at a tour that would take you into the countryside of Tuscany without driving too long - maximize your time (which is why I would strongly suggest looking into a private driver).

Buon Viaggio!

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