Parcheggio SMN and avoid the dreaded ZTL


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Is it possible to get to and from the Parcheggio Stazione Santa Maria Novella and NOT go through a ZTL? The maps I have seen make it look like you will go into a ZTL no matter what you do. (,11.242986469621496&z=15 ) FYI, we are coming up from Greve so if you have a better suggestion than the SMN for being able to get close into the city I am all ears. We have a person with a bad knee so walking very long distances can get tricky by the end of the day if she is on it too long. I did see the Park2Go but I am not sure which day we will be visiting Florence
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Ciao Danny,
If you need to get into the center because of someone having a bad knee, I highly recommend going to a private garage -- driving there, even if you do go through the ZTL doors, will be taken care of by the garage as they will take down the license plate and add it to the white list so you don't get a fine. Private garages can be less expensive that the parking at SMN since that is €3 the first hour and €2 each hour after that but does require you get there the right way so that you don't go through any ZTL "gates" (the right route to not go under any ZTL gates is to take Via Caterina d'Alessandria which turns into Via Nazionale, no other route is possible no matter what Google Maps tells you).

You can head to Park2Go without booking ahead of time, if they were to be full there are other garages nearby they can indicate so that you will be covered once you enter the ZTL area.