Parking 1.96 meter tall 9 passenger van at Parcheggio Parterre


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Will it be possible to park Mercedes Vito van in Parcheggio Parterre and how much is fare for parking from 10.00 hrs. until 20.00 hrs? If not, where should we park and how much will be fare? Thank you.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Yes, the vans fit in the covered parking structures. There is also street parking as you go to the lot where you can park, as well as a smaller lot ground level behind the piazza.

Rates for the lot are:
€ 2,00 first hour, cannot be divided into fractions;
€ 2,00 from the second hour, can be divided every 30 minutes.

Daily fee: € 10,00 the first day, € 15,00 second day and € 20,00 from 3rd day forward. They surely don't encourage long term parking there!