Parking outside Florence


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I will visit Florence in September and I would like to know where I could park outside of the city, with metro available near by.
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A few of my favorite parking lots are in these two articles.

Three are just outside the ZTL zone, they are paid parking but very easy to get too and they don't take you too far into the city center so that you have to deal with a lot of traffic. Two of them are covered and, in theory, there is an automatic cashier where you can use the credit card or bank card to pay. One of them is outdoors - but I have always had a bit of a problem with the consistency of the parking meter.

Piazza Beccaria
S. Ambrogio
outdoors: Parcheggio delle Murate

Another option, which is particularly interesting if you are driving in from the Autostrada isù

with a twenty-minute tram ride, you are in front of the Firenze SMN train station - practically in the city center.

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