Pass through by public traffic from Montepulciano to Saturnia


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Ciao Lourdes

My estimate travel plan is from Montepulciano/Pienze to Saturnia by public traffic(train or bus), however I can’t find out any bus schedule on website

Could you let me know is there any possible reach to Saturnia via Orvieto or Chiusi? Or Any bus route connection between Lazio, Umbria and Toscana? If Hiring a car is last option.

BTW, Does Saturnia open in this summer? how much cost one ticket?

Looking forward hearing your response soon!




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Bus times


You can't find times on that site because it is not the official website for the the busses that run in that area:

Keep in mind that the schedules vary with the school year - so sometimes you won't find the hours you are looking for until it gets closer to the actual travel date.

For more infor on the spas have a look at this article:

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise