Planning a trip with kids to Italy


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We are a family with three kids aged 11, 8 and 3 and looking to visit Italy. We land in Rome and leave from Venice. The total trip is 15 days and I have booked the first 4 nights in Rome. Following that, I thought I'd spend around 4 nights in/around Florence and then another 4 nights around Lake Garda. Then finally a couple of nights in Venice and then fly out.

Is that a good itenrary? We love picturesque places, good placed to eat and some shopping. Would like to ideally budget about $120 per night for hotels. Can someone recommend a plan, which towns to see etc.


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Travelling Tuscany with Kids


Personally I would take a day off of Rome and add it to Tuscany - only because kids normally love to mix history, site seeing and all that adult fun with a few hours at the pool or playing around (at least I know my nieces and newphew were like that) Not that they won't find lots of interesting things in Rome. :cool:

Check out this list of kid friendly accommodations to see if there is something that might work:

And then here are a list of some activities that might intrigue the younger and older generation alike:

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