Planning a Tuscany Vacation in May

Loly Crosby

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Hi !!
My husband and I together with another couple and great friends are planning an Italy Vacation in May for 2 weeks... we plan to arrive in Milan as we want so spend a couple of days there and also get to see Parma... we want to take the train to Florence and be there for at least 3 days and then we want to go around the region ... we want your suggestion on the places we must see; we want to have a relaxed vacation enjoying view, food and good wine .. we definitely would like to enjoy the visit to a winery... we would appreciate your recommendations.. also.. shall we just stay in Florence and drive every day to the chosen city or just stay in a couple of different places?
Thanks so much in advance for your help!


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Florence and Tuscany in few days in May

Dear Laura,

May is a beautiful month to visit Florence and Tuscany.

Since you arrive in Florence by train and you want to stay at least 3 days, I suggest you don't rent a car when you are in the city.

Florence city center is small and parking is a problem. Almost all parkings are on payment and the risk of getting a ticket is high. I strongly suggest you rent a car when you leave Florence and drive to the countryside.

You can stay 3 days in Florence and spend the rest of your vacation in a farmhouse in Tuscany, near Florence or Siena for example. I suggest you read this thread where we suggested itineraries in Tuscany.

Regarding wine tasting, Chianti is the most renowned region of Tuscany for wine. There are different types of Chianti wines and many places where to enjoy wine tasting. You can take some ideas reading this thread about wineries in Chianti and the article "Wine tasting in Chianti".

In the forum itself you can find more suggestions and ideas for Florence and Tuscany.

I hope my suggestions help you planning your trip to Tuscany. Don't hesitate to come back :D