Please help with car rental in Tuscany-really scared and confused


First of all thanks to this wonderful forum for all the great suggestions. We will be arriving in florence novella station from train from venice. We would like to rent a car and head to chianti area to our agritourismo (found a great one thru this site). People are telling me its a nightmare to drive from borgo ognisaanti because of ZLT and other complicated traffic patterns.Someone told me they got clear directions and still got a ticket while coming back to return the car. Is it worth taking a cab or train to the airport and renting from there or is there any other small town rentals before novella where we can get off and rent a car?
Glad you found us! And the articles telling you how tricky the ZTL in Florence can be before you get here, and not after your trip ;-).

Borgo Ognissanti is tricky, because the city has designed the ZTL area to make it not be within the ZTL while all surrounding streets are, making it highly probable to take a wrong turn and go into the ZTL.

Since trains from Venice are fast trains that don't make stops between Bologna and Florence, I would suggest going all the way to SMN and then from there taking a taxi to the car rental places outside the ZTL and renting from there. The airport is one of the better spots ince you find more options there. Otherwise, there is Hertz on via Sansovino and that is much closer than the airport. Here's a map for the location:
Of course, Hertz might not have the best rates for your rental so check all locations in Florence first - use the handy search tool on this page: