Poggio imperiale


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Hi! Wanted to know a little bit about the area of poggio imperiale? Is it a posh area of the outskirts of Florence? Is it walking distance to city center?
We found a beautiful villa in that area. But just wanted to know a bit more about the area?


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It is one of the nicer areas of Florence, with lots of grand homes/villas. Consider mostly that it is a HILL and while its gently sloping, it is still a downhill walk down to Porta Romana but back up at the end of your day. Check the villa's location on Google Maps so you can check out whether you have a bus stop nearby, that way you can also have that as a backup for when you need it.

As far as "posh", I don't think the area is too pretentious anymore... many of the properties have high costs of maintanance so have been divided up into apartments or offices so most are no longer single family homes but shared properties. I think if you love the villa you found and it's in your budget, you'll enjoy the area with its many gardens/trees and wide streets. Both trees and wide streets become more scarce in the center. I would consider it walking distance but I am now used to walking around most everywhere in Florence but like I said above, check out the bus stops nearby to know that's an option as well. There are many buses in the area but not knowing exactly where you found the villa can't indicate any line for sure.