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Hello. I want to come and visit in some of the Florence museums with my 10 years old son, he is on the autistic spectrum and got an international disability card. Do we need to purchase tickets; to book ahead or can we get a free entrance? Can we get priority access on the free admission days?
I would like to mention that my son does not have any physical disability.
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Ciao Michal, welcome to our forum!

Since you have the disability card, all you need to do is head to the top of any line and show that: you get to skip the line and then allowed in. At the ticket office, show it again and you'll get 2 free tickets, one for your son and one for you as the accompanying person.

Yes, on free admission days you would still get priority entrance, head to the top of any line you find. If possible, I would suggest you leave the busiest museums to another day so that you can enjoy the museums better. If you were to head to the Uffizi or Accademia on those days, you would find the museum at full capacity and I'm guessing it might not make your son happy to have that many people around. You don't mention when you're coming to Florence but hopefully you won't find it too crazy when you come. Crowds are getting big again, like pre-pandemic busy, so Florence's main historical center does get crowded from now and over the summer.
thank you so much for your detailed answer and the good advises
Lourdes: I was not sure where to post this request. We are going to be staying at Westin. I would like to find some NON Touristy type restaurants, where the locals eat. If you have 2 or 3 in mind, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks, Joe


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Ciao Joe,
Locals eat at the more dinghy ones that are all not all shiny and new and flashy to call attention to them :D Just joking!! We also eat at the nicer places, depends on the type of food you're looking for but we do tend to avoid some of the places right on the main piazzas that have any person outside wanting to draw you in. That generally is not a great sign, looking to draw tourists in.

If you want Florentine and Tuscan fare, look for places that are small and have signs that say trattoria and osteria as part of the name. If you walk around, you'll find them - they might just have a small door and, if you peak inside, it might look pretty small inside, but generally they have indoor space hidden down a corridor. If you see a place that has people starting at noon, that's also a good sign.

One that I know locals love is Trattoria Mario on the piazza del mercato, good food and decent prices, comunal seating for most part and have to be in and out quick since it serves the local lunch crowd. Been there with friends and it is definitely local home cooking at its best.
Another one similar to that is Osteria Nuvoli, right near the Duomo. Both these places are pretty central but small and busy. I don't think either take reservations so you just need to head there and wait.

Nearby is Ristorante Quinoa, it is a gluten-free place that serves a mix of dishes, it is nicer but definitely serves good food and also appreciated by locals. Another one I like is Trattoria Marione al Trebbio, very close to Piazza Santa Maria Novella. I am sure you will find others, do share your favorites!