Procession of the Magi?


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Can anyone confirm if the annual procession (or cavalcade) of the Magi on January 6 in Florence will NOT be happening in 2024? I read it on another site, but can't seem to find any confirmation. I suppose that might mean less people in the city that day, but we were looking forward to seeing it. Thank you!
I haven't seen anything that says it will NOT be held, do you remember where you might have seen that info?

I did a few searches myself right now and cannot find anything that would confirm it, from any of the official websites.
I finally saw info about it and you’re right, confirmed that it is NOT going to happen, unfortunately. Will you have a car? I read on Il Reporter that there is a similar procession in Borgo San Lorenzo in the Mugello valley to the north of Florence starting at 2.30pm. There are more events going on in the area listed in that page for the weekend, not just for the Epiphany, but it’s only in Italian:
Hope the weather also holds out, at least for for part of the day!