Question about driving from Florence to Val d'orcia


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My wife and I are planning to stay in Florence for 5 days in Feb.

I m now considering to rent a car for a day and drive to Val d'orcia for stay 1 night (via Siena),
we will then go to Roma on the next day.

Would like to seek for an advice where should we rent a car and return it?
Should we drive back to Florence and head to Roma or drive to another station nearby Montepulciano for a train to Roma?



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where to leave the rental


Personally, I would drive it back to Florence. Unless the rental car agency has an outreach office between Montepulciano and Rome...which is highly unlikely and possibly costly...I would rather spend arrive in Rome with the train and no traffic hassels.

Time-wise, considering the traffic to get into the citycenter of Rome, it is probably the same. You can either leave the car at the car rental office near the SMN train station or you can leave it at the airport and catch a bus (2 Euro) or a taxi (25 Euro) ,approximate costs, to the train station.

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