Rain, what activities are fun to do right now


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Good morning! I arrived yesterday in Florence and I have a few days to stay. Unfortunately it's raining the whole day. What are fun activities that we can do. We have a car with us. My sister doesn't really like musea :(.
Thanks a lot! :p
Wish I had seen your post in time to be of help - what did you end up doing?

I'll post some suggestions since the weather can often interfere with plans and it might be useful to others to know what else they can do.

Obviously, the easiest to do are anything indoors:
- museums such as the Bargello, Uffizi, Accademia, Medici Chapels...
- churches such as the Cathedral, San Lorenzo, Santa Croce or Santa Maria Novella
- the Last Suppers - there are several across Florence and are an interesting way to see the main convents/cloisters that have fresco Last Suppers pre-dating Leonardo's more famous one in Milan. You can find more info here: https://www.visitflorence.com/what-to-see-in-florence/last-suppers-in-florence.html
- You could do a San Lorenzo market tour with a cooking class - these are fun and you have lunch included, one that you've learned how to prepare :) take a look at this one we did: https://www.visitflorence.com/what-...es/small-group-cooking-class-in-florence.html

Let me know if you have any other ideas or questions!