Recommendations? 1 day scenic drive, Florence-Pisa, stopping at a coastal town.


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Hi, can anyone recommend a good scenic driving route for a one day road trip from Florence to Pisa please?
On our last day we wake up in Florence on Thursday after spending a couple of days there, and fly home from Pisa on Friday morning, but we would like to see some of the countryside and maybe a couple of small towns that aren't accessible by public transport. I thought perhaps we could drive across the countryside to a nice coastal town. Any recommendations for routes or nice places to visit would be greatly appreciated.

My original plan was to drive down to Grossetto and visit the sculpture gardens but I think that's too far for one day.

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Scenic route to Pisa


So if you really want to see some of the Tuscan countryside, I am going to say nix to Grosseto and suggest going towards Volterra then the coast towards Guardistallo, Cencina and then Pisa. I know many wouldn't have thought of this route, because it seems to take you south - and to be honest the DRIVING time is about 3 hours. But I love the rolling hills.

It has some the loveliest countryside views (without going too south or into Chianti) I particularly like the small town of Casale Marittimo - adorable!

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I confirm the Tarot sculpture garden is too far out of your way - and the drive recommended by Donna towards Volterra from Florence (along the Volterrana) takes you onto lovely roads and through smaller towns you won't see otherwise. The drive from there toward the coast - or back up toward Pisa through Lajatico - or up along the Vecchia Aurelia, not the faster route north, is also very scenic.