Recommendations for Tuscan driving destinations


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We will be staying in a small town, Grassina, just outside of Florence. We have rented a car and would like recommendations for driving destinations for day trips. Would love to visit wineries, olive orchards, & see small communities with interesting sights. Any idea how far Montepulciano is from Florence/Grassina? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Not too Far from Grassina

Buongiorno -

I live right outside of Grassina - and actually there are several places you can check out without going too far at all! They almost all require reservations - but the wine and the visit is well worth it.

Easy to get to with a bus,

Another place - with a beautiful villa to visit as well:

Just a bit further out towards Greve you can check out

As for Montepulciano, if you are staying near Grassina then you have easy access to the Firenze SUD entrance to the main highway (Autostrada del Sole) and with this road you are looking at about 1 and 20 min drive. But its is an easy drive because it is straight throw and when you get off - Montepulciano is not too far from the main highway - but with some very panoramic roads.

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