Religious Statuary to buy

Elle Kay

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Hello. Three of us will be hiking around Assisi at the end of May. The second half of our trip will be spent using Florence as our home and taking day trips to Padua, Venice, Siena and of course enjoying Florence. I would love to buy a Statue of Mary as a souvenir. Where would be the best place to shop for this. I prefer quality and beauty. Thank you.


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I always thought that Assisi had a pretty nice collection of stores that sold some beautiful religious art, I even bought a painting of St. Francis of Assisi preaching in the snow, which I just love.

However, where ever you go you will find lots of original artists and interesting just depends if you like classic or a new interpretation. Impruneta for example has several places that work with terracotta and you will find several artistic respresentations of religious figures.

Most Duomos (in Florence and Siena) will have a gift shop where you can find various statues and religious items.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise