Roadtrip Middle of Italie


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This year in December, I would like to visit the center of Italy with my wife including Tuscany / Corsica / Venice. I am a person who a lot of nature, mountains, natural scenery, ancient, medieval, ancient and stuff like that. In addition, I thought to stay two days in Venice but that will be too much, I thought, if I want to go to the island of Corsica. My wife and I are not wine drinkers .. I saw a video on youtube that in Chianciano Terme is a nice hotspring and it is for free because it is a part of the nature, is that true?

Our vacation in italy lasts nine days where we land in Florence and there rent a car for the road trip.

I copied a map from internet and even added some places:

Do you have any tips for doing something or not? Could you might add things like roads that really need to be driven or places that are special. It can be anything...

I appreciate your response really.

Greetings Nico
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