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We are planning to take our family to Italy for our 50th Anniversary. There will be 6 of us. If we fly into Rome, spend a day and take the train to Florence would we need a car. Is there enough to do without a car in Montecatini Terme and are there restaurants for gluten free and dairy free or do we need to stay in FLorence for dietary purposes and can we make day trips into Tuscany without a car. I want my husband to see the area and not have to be driving all the time. We also will need wineries for everyone to visit. Maybe a cooking class too.


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There is lots to do around Montecatini with and without a car, have a read thru this article which will give you a few ideas.

As per restaurants with dietary constraints, you will find that it getting easier and easier to accommodate. Especially in the larger cities (Rome and Florence). However, if you ask at the restaurant, many times they will guide you on the menu to find something that fits your requirements. The Tuscan cuisine lends itself to being flexible (as do the Tuscans):cool: Many places even include gluten-free pasta on the menu - and they will advertise because they are quite proud of the fact - you will find lots of pizza places that have a gluten-free option. HOWEVER, ask if it is dairy free, some places will have milk in the dough.

The same goes for your cooking classes, many of them will actually accommodate your request - as long as you ask at the time of booking. They can get special flour or re-arrange the recipes to fit your diet. I have seen many that make that comment in the description of the class.

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