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is quickest the best?

By "best" do you mean the fastest? From Rome, you can reach Siena by car, bus or train, they all roughly take from 2 hours and 40 minutes to 3 and a half hours (slowest is by train).

By car, you could take this route by while bus you would need to go to the
Bus Station Tiburtina (outside the train station Tiburtina) and take a SENA bus. Check bus timetables here. Bus takes roughly 2.45-3 hours.

By train, you would need to change trains in Chiusi which is why the trip takes longer - there is the time in between trains to wait out. The trip takes from 3.5-4 hours. You can check timetables on the Trenitalia website.

So the fastest would be by car - but the easiest in the end, if you don't want to drive, would depend on where you are in Rome. If you are close to the main train station, Termini, I'd take the train rather than the bus since I'd have to figure out how to get to the other train station first. Traveling by train is really easy and comfortable and the time passes quickly - bring a good book or enjoy viewing the countryside as you travel :)


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Rome to Siena (reply)

Hello Nicky,
I agree with what Lourdes says.

....I personally think the best way to get to Siena from Rome is the train.
I say the best, not the fastest :)

Depending on which kind of train you choose, it can take 3 - 3 hours and a half to reach Siena, stopping and changing train in Chiusi (a town not so far from Siena).

The fastest way would be the car, but it's not advisable to drive in Rome since it is huge and traffic is hectic. Moreover it can take long to get out of the city to reach the motorway toll gate.

So I recommend the train.

Hope this helps!
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