Running in Firenze


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I am quite new.

I want to know a few things of Firenze.

Bus fare, each journey, how much?
If there is Day ticket, how much?
If there is any weekly ticket, how much?
If there is any discount tickets when I buy a few, how much ?
If there is any Monthly ticket, how much?
Why in HK, we cannot open the ? Italy block us?

How much and where can I find bus from Firenze to Volterra and San Gimingnano?

Flixbus, where is the bus terminals in Firenze? In that terminals, any Bus/ Tram connect to centre? Where to buy Bus/ Tram tickets?

Please guide me.

Thanks all.


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Hi Iris, sorry to see your questions didn't get replies sooner. Hope you're still in planning stages and the answers will still be useful.

As far as fares, cost is €1,50 per ticket which is valid for 90 minutes from the first time you get on and have it validated (a machine stamps time and date on it). That means you can keep on changing buses or on to the tram lines to get to where you need to go without paying each time, as long as it is still within those 90 minutes.

There is no day ticket or weekly ticket -- there is a "carnet", an electronic card with 10 tickets on it you can buy from ticket offices and that way deduct a ticket each time you get on the bus. A carnet is only for 1 person so you cannot use it for 2 people at the same time.
The carnet saves you 10 cents per ticket, so it isn't a big savings overall but if you're planning on using bus a lot, it makes sense to get it over single use tickets.

You can also buy a monthly pass for 35€ but note that it is valid for the MONTH in which it is used, so it expires at the end of the month. To make best of use for it, you should not buy it mid-month, unless you estimate that your use of it will be worth it while you're here - and you're here the whole time within the same month.

The ATAF site is only for buses in and around Florence.

To get to Volterra and San Gimignano, you would be using regional buses - the easiest way to see timetables and evaluate the best way to get there is to use Google Maps and plan the travel route through that - for example, from Florence to Volterra you get options of train+bus:

These buses run out of the bus station in front of the train station in Florence, so you can go there and buy tickets directly. As far as cost, it is hard to say -- because cost runs for km and not by destination. Usually it is cheap to travel with train and bus and you don't need to book ahead of time, so you can just wait and buy once you're here.

As far as Flixbus, the stop in Florence is in Villa Costanza. Check out their website to see timetables - the stop is indicated there. Villa Costanza is by the A1 freeway so you need to first take tram T1 there and then get on the bus.