San Gimignano or Panzano


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We are 2 seniors traveling by car last week in september, for the first time in tuscany. We are into food and wine, strolling, art and the good life. Which location is better, scenic? In SG we are looking at Relais Santa Chiara or Villa San Pablo, in Panzano is Le Barone. Any Help is appreciated.


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Dear lost,

Both destinations are beautiful and I can understand your doubts.

San Gimignano is a medieval city enclosed in large defensive walls. It is located half way from Florence and Siena and is a very tourist destination. Because of this it has partly lost the atmosphere of a Tuscany country town. Although there are many shops, restaurants and other attractions.

On the other hand Panzano in Chianti is located in the Chianti Classico region and is closer to Florence than to Siena. It has ancient origins as proved by the old center and its buildings. Panzano is still a paese, a country town. Of course it is tourist as San Gimignano, but it preserved its genuine atmosphere.

So the choice it's strongly related to your personal taste. As I said before they are both beautiful destinations, both famous for stunning landscapes, great wine and good food.

More general all the Chianti region is renowned for landscapes, wine and food. There are several towns and cities between Florence and Siena deserving to be visited. I have also to say that all Tuscany deserves to be visited, since it has so much to offer. I don't know how long you are staying in Tuscany, but I suggest you read the articles about suggested itineraries in Tuscany, so that you can find more information about what to see and to do in Tuscany.

I hope my suggestions helped. Don't hesitate to come back with any other question :)