San Quirico d'Orcia


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Planning our first trip to Tuscany this summer. We enjoy walking but nothing too strenuous. San Quirico d'Orcia sounds like a good option but what is the public transport like? Can we get there from Florence and would we be able to visit nearby towns if we get tired of walking? We really don't want to hire a car. Also how busy is this place? We don't want to stay anywhere too touristy....Any suggestions please


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San Quirico is a great small town to use as a base in Val d'Orcia as it is very central. The walks you can do are also gorgeous -- what month during the summer will you be here?
Just asking because we have done hikes there and loved them, but there is practically no TREE COVER so you have to take that into consideration for walks - early mornings and late afternoons during the warmest months.

It is visited but it isn't big so you never get the feeling of it being overcrowded or touristy, even if I do recall hearing a good amount of other languages at the restaurants when eating out.

San Quirico is connected to other towns - you can check the bus timetables here:
but you'll have to plan carefully around them as they aren't that many.

It is kind of far from Florence -- San Quirico is to the south of Siena, so you'd have to go to Siena first before taking another bus to Florence. It is doable, but like I said, you'll have to plan carefully your outings when you want to depend on buses to get back "home".

If you stay in town (like we have, on two separate occasions), the walk to Pienza is about 9km - we went there and the views along this road - -
are wonderful! Lots of rolling hills so perfect for not too strenuous walks.