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We will be in Florence during the first week of April - do we need to pre-book tickets for Santa Croce? I looked at purchasing some tickets for a visit to Santa Croce from their official site ( There is a link to online tickets, but the site is in Italian. Does anyone know a legitimate site to buy tickets in English?

Also- do you know if you have to enter at the time you purchase the tickets for? Or can you enter at any time after the time listed? The reason I ask is because we have a earlier walking tour and I am unsure what time it will end. The ending point is Ponte Vecchio though, so it's fairly close by.

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I've never ever really seen a long line at Santa Croce - maybe 2 or 3 people ahead of me buying tickets. So I would be pretty confident in telling you that you don't need to buy tickets ahead of time and can just head there as soon as you're done with your tour, that way you won't feel pressed for time.

Just make note that it closes at 5pm so if you run out of time because your tour takes longer, you could always head to Santa Croce the next morning. The frescoes in the Main altar and surrounding chapels need light to be fully appreciated!!