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The OPA Si Pass is a cumulative ticket for the Cathedral, the baptistery, the Museo dell'Opera (which also leads to the top terrace of the facciatone for a panoramic view), the Piccolimini Library (inside the cathedral) and the crypt (in between the cathedral and baptistery). So as you can see, all the religious monuments around the cathedral in Siena.

The SIA cumulative cards (Summer and Winter) no longer exist and they were tied to the city museums - the Civic Museum (inside the Palazzo Pubblico, which I highly recommend - read more about it here) and Santa Maria della Scala (read more here).

Now for the civic museums you can buy a cumulative card only on site- these are the details:

Cumulative tickets (valid for 2 days):
(note that Santa Maria della Scala museum is closed every Tuesday)

Civic Museums (Civico and S. Maria Scala) € 13,00
Civic museums and Tower del Mangia (Civico, S. Maria Scala, Tower) € 20,00
Cumulative FAMILY ticket for all 3 sites € 40,00

These last two tickets are only sold in the tower, so you need to buy those there and visit the tower first.

There is no all-inclusive Siena Pass that includes both these museums and those of the cathedral.