Siena -New year eve 2019


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we looking for recommendation to New year eve 2019 party at Siena
for adult ages 40-50

Thanks in advance...


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Siena, like Florence, will have lots of music concerts across the city.

The main one will be in piazza del Campo starting at 9.15pm, with Deschema, a local band, then Alex Britti, an Italian pop star until midnight, free entry.

There will be swing music in Piazza del Mercato with from 9.30pm, free entry.

Piazza Indipendenza will have an ensemble of a bassist and 8 percussionists paying samba + electronic beats from 10.30pm, free entry.

In Piazza Tolomei there will be Caribbean sounds, salsa, merengue, mambo and bachata with a Tuscan band called Mambo Kids, starting at 10.30pm, free entry.

I found a private tango party at the Teatro dei Rinnovati with Oblivion Tango starting at 10.30pm, paid entrance so here you need to book ahead.

I got this info from La Nazione article on the events going on in Siena: fare/capodanno-2019-1.4360986

If you're looking for a dinner + party at a restaurant, you really have to go by the restaurant and finding out what they are offering - usually a set menu with set price that starts at dinner and goes on until midnight.

Happy start to the new year!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I will add there are many restaurants that don't do set menus and will be open regularly a la carte so you can dine out and then go out and enjoy the music across the street, without having to stay at one spot.

But do try to book a restaurant for the evening ahead of time so you're assure of a spot without having to wait.