SMN to Calzaiuoli


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Can you advise best way to get to Hotel Calzaiuoli from the train station ? Can we walk it ? I think hotel is on a pedestrian street so not sure a bus will pass by. Thank you.


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Walking to Hotel Calzaiuoli


I agree with Uomo Grasso, if you don't have a lot of luggage it is a fairly easy walk to the Hotel. It is all flat, there are side walks and you really just need to follow the main road and indications to the Duomo and then once yu are in to Piazza Duomo turn down Via del Calzaiuoli (even better that it is easy to remember!)

It is about 1 km, and though it can be a very busy road it is definitely a lovely introduction to the city. HOWEVER, if you have a lot of luggage or if your luggage is not managable...then I wouldn't even try the bus just go directly for a taxi - it will be well worth the extra euros to save yourself the aggravation and stress of having to move your stuff around.

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