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Hello everyone :) In the next week I go with my wife to the Tuscany (It'll be our first visit in Italy :) ).. We're going to travel by public transport so I have some questions.... When I buy train ticket with change do I have to validate ticket second time at the station when I'll be change trains or it enought validate only one time at the first, departure sation? And how to interpretate this bus schedule ? I mean particularly courses e.g. at 13.10 or 14.10 (Feriale Lun-Sab).. Do I have to change bus in SALCETO?
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Regarding train tickets with train changes: no, you don't have to validate twice, the first time on departure is more than enough.

Bus schedule: "feriale lun-sab" means workdays monday-saturday" but double check very well, because at the top of each column some times say "noSa" which means "non on saturdays" so only runs mon-fri.
The ones with "RAP" at the top mean "rapido" or fast, which means you don't need to change bus at all and get there quicker.
There are two columns that start at 13.10 - one is a RAP and runs every day, the other runs mon-fri and is actually at 13.30 at the bus station in SMN -- that one does end in Salceto, and the column to the right makes it seem that at the same time another bus leaves from Salceto to end in Siena -- whether you have to change bus or not is not clear, my guess is you don't. Normally when bus changes are required, there would be at least 10 min gap in between to let people change buses.

Let us know if you need more help with the bus schedule!