Spa in Tuscany


can anyone suggest a nice spa break or spa day near florence or lucca
any particular venue so I can google the place an book directly.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Devika,

You keep asking the same questions on different threads... so you already know that several people recommended to head to Montecatini Terme.... and the spa is called that - Le Terme di Montecatini. It is one company that has several different locations, you head to the one that has what you're looking for... whether it is massages, specific beauty treatments or something else.
Take a look at their website - it has the locations so you can see the descriptions of the different spa centers:
and then check out the prices as the various treatments are divided up by each of the locations.
If you see something that you like, click on that as it will tell you which spa it is that offers that particular service - such as the "thermal oasis" spa package - it is at the Excelsior.
There is also a page for special packages and offers.

I wish to help but if you keep posting the same questions over and over in new threads, it seems like you are not bothering to go back to your original threads and reading our suggestions at all.