Spas near Poppi, and drive to Florence from Poppi Need help!


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Hello ,
We are going to be very near Poppi for two weeks. Would love to have some recommended NEARBY Spa's if someone know of them.
Also if there are any great MUST See spots near Poppi it would be delighful to hear about them.

ALSO we are planning a day trip to Florence. Wonder where we should drive to assuming we will be coming from POPPI..that has great public transport to city center. Don't want to drive into town...seems like a nightmare!


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Spas near Poppi


if you are looking for natural thermal water spas - you won't find any near Poppi. There is a natural spring but the water is not by any means thermal!! It is called Bagno di Cetica, and the water is definitely chilly...but apparently healing ;-)

Have a read of this article for some ideas of what to do and where to go while staying in Poppi.

There is a frequent bus serivec (SITA) and I have used it several times, it will take you directly into Florence. You can also use the train service to o to Arezzo - a town you should definitely plan on visiting - even though you can easily drive your car - the road is comfortable and there is ample parking.

Buon Viaggio,

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