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I would like to take Speed Train round Trip from Milan to Florence this summer, spending a few days in Florence. Do you advise buying Train tickets in advance before I leave from the USA or should I buy my train tickets at the station in Milan? Also, I need to buy train tickets from Milan to Como. Again, should I just buy these tickets at the station just before I need to travel to Como?

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The earlier you buy your tickets the less they will cost (warning: the more you go back and look at the site, the more they increase in price.) Sometimes in the summer you will find 2 for 1 specials, but there are a few restrictions on those types of tickets.

If you know your dates, and they are (hardly likely) to change - then I would get your tickets early. However, if you are a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person - and never really know your schedule, you can wait. It is highly unlikely that you won't find space, you will just find that the prices are a bit higher by a couple of Euros.

I just recently went to Milan from Florence and I checked out both Trenitalia and Italo trains. I went with Italo because of the times - but they were really neck to neck with their offer. The train ride was about 2 hours and cost around 25Euros one way.

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Yes, for the fast speed trains between Milan and Florence as sales do come up and if you know your dates.
You have two options: Trenitalia and Italo.
Check them both to see what prices you can find now: www.trenitalia.com and www.italotreno.it/en

As far as Milan and Como, not necessarily. Those are regional, slower trains so those don't go on sale.
You check on the Trenitalia website to see the cost and buy ahead if you find a good deal for Milan-Florence on there and are buying both. Otherwise, wait and buy once you're in Milan.

As Donna said, if you want to remain flexible, you will find space also once you're here as there are lots of trains. It will just likely cost more for the fast train.


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Thanks for sharing that jb12! We aren't in that area so we're aware of the other train company.