Stayin in the Sanctuary of La Verna


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Good day all, we are visiting Tuscany at End of Aug, beginning september and are very interested in the Sanctuary of Laverna in Livorn. Friends of our stayed once before in the Sanctuary as guests, and we would also like to stay there in the sanctuary itself (they say it is like a dormitory), can anyone assist with some info on how we can book there or what we must do to be able to stay there. Can't wait to visit this beautiful country :eek: thank you for any information that you can provide.


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staying at the Sanctuary of La Verna

Ciao Karlien,

There are guest rooms at La Verna at the Foresteria, the atmosphere is sort of like dorm rooms since there is a large room where meals are served but there are various types of rooms to meet your needs.

To get the contact info to book to stay there, make sure to read our article about La Verna - there is info about staying there at the very end of the article:

Hope you enjoy it, it is beautiful and a very peaceful place.