Staying in the hills


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i'm in florence for 3 nights and would like to stay in the hills. I think it'll be a nice quiet retreat after a day in town. However, I'm concerned about how long the buses would actually take to get from town to the hotel

Can someone tell me what should I expect in total time (wait time for bus and trip to city) at approx 10am to the common tourist attractions in the city and then back at 8pm? I know it may vary, just looking for averages

This is approximately where I plan to rent an apt


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I agree that staying out of the center is a good option for resting and having a quieter location.
Rest assured though that the area you've marked on google maps is still within Florence and not what I'd consider in the hills yet. In the hills, I'd consider something in Fiesole and beyond (Fiesole is still very well connected with Florence through bus #7 throughout the day) - something like this is definitely already in the hills just behind Fiesole: Poggio al Sole

The area you mark is served by ATAF buses regularly throughout the day so you won't have problems in getting to and out of the center - you can check timetables for buses here:
the map is here: 20130329 - mappa 110x100.pdf
The buses in the area are for sure #7 since it goes by there to head up to Fiesole, then stops for #11 and #17 are just a few blocks away south - both go downtown.