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Is there a comprehensive list of taxi companies in Florence? I'm trying to locate a very friendly taxi driver who gave me a lift two years ago. A little like trying to find a needle in a haystack as I don't have his name or the name of the firm he worked for - but I thought I would try and contact a few taxi companies and see where that takes me. I've already tried the two taxi co-operatives - Cotafi and Socota, but to no avail (although they were very helpful and did respond). Any other suggestions of how to progress would be very much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance.


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There are only those two taxi companies in Florence, all the rest are private drivers.
If the car was marked as TAXI and was white, then it was one of the two you've already contacted.

The problem is definitely that if you don't have a name, there is no way a driver will remember who he picked up 2 years ago wherever you were picked up or dropped off unless it was really out of the ordinary. These drivers are all over the city every single day, as you can imagine.


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Thank you for responding. Yes, I appreciate it's a bit of a tall order. The taxi driver in question did have some distinguishing characteristics that I remember. But maybe he was a private driver - in which case, there is little hope of finding him, I guess. Thank you for confirming that there are only two companies, however - that is useful information in itself.At least I know I have tried all the official firms.