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We are staying in San Donato for a week in June with a group of 10 of us. I am interested in booking a reservation for all of us to have dinner in Settignano one night. It looks to be roughly 38 km or 24 miles from San Donato to Settignano.

My question is will taxi service be readily available from San Donato to Settignano and back or would you recommend looking into booking a private driver or two for the evening? Are their services like this in the area for a group of 10? Limousine service?? Do you know the cost of Taxi service versus Limo Service etc ... for this distance?

Thank you in advance :)

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Dinner for 10 in Settingano

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You can look into a NCC service, that is the way the Italians indicate car with driver. I have used STEDOP several times and found their service to be friendly and economical. The nice thing about him is that he has several different vehicles - so he will have a bus for all 10 of you - no need to get two cars.

Another company that I have worked with is:

However there are MANY NCC services in Florence, so definitely shop around for the best price.

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