Tickets for Medici Chapel


I wanted to request your advice if these also need to be booked in advance (like Accademia, Uffizi) or is it do-able when we get there. we hope to do it on Easter Monday. Many thanks


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Medici chapels are open but booking ahead... maybe not required

The Medici Chapels will surely also be open on Easter Monday. When I've gone in the past, I've hardly ever found a line and the few times there was one, it moved fast.

It is hard to say whether the crowds from the long weekend will make it useful to reserve ahead of time..... for this particular one, I'd say you don't. I do however recommend booking the Accademia or Uffizi for that Monday. Our partner for selling tickets online confirms that they are open and you can buy tickets online by putting the day after into the system (since Mondays is usually a closing day), then if you email them directly right after they will change the date to Easter Monday.

Hope you have a great time in Florence this weekend!!


Thank you

Hi Lourdes
Thanks for all your valuable and speedy responses. really appreciate them and we are looking forward to our visit. Thanks again.