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Good afternoon.

I will be in Florence at the end of May and am interested in quite a large number of attractions. However, I am unsure how much time to be spent at most of them with little information provided from Trip Advisor.

May I know the average time which should be allocated for the following places of interest?
  1. Basilica of San Lorenzo
  2. Basilica di Santa Croce
  3. Basilica of Santa Maria Novella
  4. Palazzo Medici Riccardi
  5. Galleria dell’ Accademia
  6. Pitti Palace’s Palatine Gallery
  7. Uffizi Gallery
  8. Boboli Gardens
  9. Palazzo Vecchio
  10. Piazza del Duomo attractions, which include Cathedral, Dome, Baptistery, Bell Tower, Crypt and Museum

Thank you in advance


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my opinion


You can do all in about 30 mins each with 3 exceptions.
Boboli garden: can possibly see most of it in 3 hours but if you catch a nice day you might end up wanting to stay much more
Uffizzi: 2 - 3 hours
Duomo attractions 2 hours
This is the time to see the places and don't include waiting in line time. Also it's my opinion. Art LOVERS may spend slightly more time at each location.


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Time at the attractions


I believe Leonardo is spot on for many attractions - however, I would say an hour if not more at Palazzo Vecchio and definitly Palazzo Pitti. As you can see in the article I linked to, Palazzo Pitti is actually several museums all together - so depending on how many you visit ....

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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Take a look at this 3 day itinerary - https://www.visitflorence.com/itineraries-in-florence/3-days-in-florence.html
It covers many of the sights you want to include, and in general just gives you a general idea of how to divide them things up between morning and afternoon - with breaks in between.

You really don't want to rush from one thing to the next in any case, you'll get tired to too much art ;)

And you definitely do not want to include the Uffizi or Accademia both on the same day --- how many days total will you have?


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Apologies for the late response.

I will spend 5 days in Florence total, 2 days of which will be spent at Siena and Pisa.

Tentatively, this is the idea:
Day 1 (Arriving in Florence by noon)
Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine
Ponte Vecchio
Uffizi Gallery

Day 2
Basilica of Santa Maria Novella
Basilica di San Lorenzo
Riccardi Medici Palace
Galleria dell'Accademia

Day 3
Piazza del Duomo,
Basilica of Santa Croce
Palazzo Vecchio
Pitti Palace


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Looks good! Day 3 seems a bit full but am sure you can be flexible with your other two days, particularly the day you spend in Pisa (you can take the morning in Florence to catch up on any places you missed and then head to Pisa for the rest of the day).