train and trip times dont co-incide


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I am looking up options for day trips in Tuscany and as I am staying in Verona the start times are difficult to weigh up with our train times, I have found a day trip which starts at 8:45am for 11 hours - 'Full day Tuscan countryside tour from Florence', however some of the reviews say 12 hours, could you help me and let me know what time the coach would arrive back at Santa Maria Novella please? As I need to book a train back to Verona. Also can we just meet you at the train station in the morning as we don't have a hotel in Florence for you to pick us up from?


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At the forum we can only answer general questions - and sometimes something more precise, but we don't actually handle the tours.

If you are having problems to matching the times of the tours with the trains - you might want to look into a private driver, who can pick you up when you want and drop you off when you want. Have a read:

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I believe it would make more sense to look for tours that depart from Verona, not from Florence.
It will be hard to take a full day trip from Florence and then be back in time for train back to Verona.
You could consider also moving down to Florence for a day or two to dedicate to the city and region. You'll spend less time on trains that way.
Or just focus on exploring the lovely area of Verona and the lakes area, maybe Venice in the end is closer.
You can check tours in and out of Verona on here: