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We will be staying in a Villa near Greve in Chianti and will be using the Figline Valdarno Train station to get to Florence and then taking trains from there to places like Asissi, Pisa, Siena, Parma, and so forth and so on but I cannot understand the website for the train details...when I put in dates (we will be travelling the first 2 weeks of July) it closes down? Can you help? Thank you.


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The trenitalia ( website allows purchase of tickets for the next 2 months (or at least it used to) so that if you searched for dates further ahead, results were 0. If you're looking to just see schedules without a particular need to buy any, just put any date in the next week... as long as you don't select a holiday, schedules are pretty set and don't vary widely on the season at all!
So the timetables you see now are likely the same you'll find in 6 months time, it's the purchase that makes the site act wonky!