Train station in Siena; directions please...

I will be arriving in Siena by train from Rome, then picking up a car from the Europcar city office and then driving to San Gimignano...I can't seem to get directions from the train station to the Europcar city office (Europcar Siena City Office at 23/25 VIALE EUROPA.)
I would also appreciate directions for leaving the city and heading for San Gimignano but I can probably get those directions from the car rental office...

Thanks for your assistance!



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Dear Lefty,

from the train station to Europcar in Viale Europa is about 4,5 km distance.
From the station you can take bus 107 to Sinalunga and get off at the bus stop "Siena Superstrada Distributore Total", i.e. the bust stop at the Total gas station. From there the car rental is 5 minutes walking distance.
Otherwise from the station you can take a taxi, and I personally think this is the best solution.
I created a Google Map for you showing the station, the bus stop and the car rental.

From Europcar to San Gimignano you have to take the Superstrada Firenze-Siena, direction Firenze. The exit is San Gimignano and is about 20-30 minutes driving from Siena. The Superstrada is close to the car rental but I suggest you ask at the car rental for better directions.

I hope this helped. Have a nice day :)


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Hello there,

As Valentina already wrote and very nicely demonstrated on the map, the Europcar rental place isn't really close to the Siena train station. The best solution would be to just take a taxi to the rental place, it would save you time and hassle with the bus. But if you do want to at least see if the bus is a viable alternative - here is the time schedule for line 107 - you want to get off shortly after "Siena Viale Toselli" ends - when you get on the bus, have the address written down on a piece of paper handy and show it to the driver and ask if he can let you know when you are there. That way you don't have to worry about missing your stop and ending out of Siena altogether.

From the rental place, the best solution would be to go south toward the SS223/E78 and go west to get to the "Superstrada Firenze-Siena" - just follow the signs that indicate the direction of Florence. You'll want to get off in "Poggibonsi Nord" to avoid going through the city of Poggibonsi and just skirt around it toward San Gimignano. Once you get off the superstrada, you'll see signs for S. Gimignano to guide you around the city.