Train vs Car


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As most of you know, we are coming to Florence twice during our stay in Tuscany. Coming from Castellina, I was wondering if driving to Poggibonsi (15 minutes away) and taking the train to Florence was easier than driving and parking in Florence. We are coming to Florence to do the Uffizi, Accademia and Boboli Gardens as well as lunch and dinner there. My other thought was to drive one day and train the other as we might enjoy the drive on SR2


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Day trip to Florence by car

Dear JMFell,

I think it's better driving to Florence, especially if you intend to have dinner in the city.

If you are coming by train you'll then have to plan your day in Florence according to train schedules. I've just checked train schedules for the evening from Florence to Poggibonsi. After 9 pm you have just 2 trains: at 9.30 pm and 11 pm. With both trains you'll have to change trains in Empoli to continue on to Poggibonsi.
I personally don't think it's going to make your trip to Florence easier.

As you mentioned, you can drive on SR222 "Chiantigiana road" that is a beautiful road. Then I suggest you park in Viale Europa, which is near the city center as well as to the Chiantigiana road and is the cheapest parking lot in Florence - 1,50 euro for 12 hours! Here you have a map of parkings in Florence.
Otherwise if you take the Firenze-Siena highway you can park for free in Firenze Certosa.

A quick tip: if you are going to take buses in Florence, buy tickets before (at a tabacchi shop or newspaper kiosk) because they're cheaper than on the bus ;)

I hope you'll find my suggestions helpful :D