Transit to and out San Quirico d’Orcia


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Hello, I will be travelling to Italy with my husband in Jun 2020, we will get to San Quirico d’Orcia from Orvieto, staying for 2 nights and then get to Venice, but we don't have driving license so will not be renting a car, and it seems like information of public transport is hard to find, can anyone here provide me some suggestion on how we should get there and out please?


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Travelling by public transport to San Quirico


Here are some suggestions, but you will need to double-check the availability and TIMES (depending on the day you travel) as you get closer to June. Train schedules normally change in June once school has let out - so though you can make general plans on how to move around, you probably shouldn't be checking times till a bit later in your planning stage.

There is a train from Orvieto to Chiusi - and from there it appears you can catch a bus to Montepulciano and another bus to San Quirico. I am totally surprised that all of this only takes about 2 and a half hours.

Getting to Venice takes a bit more time, essentially you need to get to Florence where you can catch the train to Venice. From San Quirico, you will catch a bus to Buonconvento, which will give you access to a train to Siena. From Siena, you can easily get to Florence to catch the train.

It will probably be easy for your accommodations to assist you with making the arrangements to Florence because it is all in the same region and busing options are a bit more organized.

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Fully agree with Donna on getting a general idea of how to get there and out, but to wait for summer schedules to have precise timetables to follow. Once you have those, then you should be set.... but definitely plan to be super organized so that you don't miss any of the connections!

San Quirico is lovely and you can hike from there to Pienza and then take bus back to San Quirico and an another day hike towards Montalcino or Buonconvento, then again catch bus back ;-) It will be a good way to see the gorgeous countryside and views.