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Hello! I'll be traveling to Tuscany from the Amalfi Coast via train (I believe this is through Naples). I'll be in Tuscany the nights of 9/4 and 9/5 only. I know it's not a lot but I plan to return! I do not drive and will need to stay somewhere walking distance from public transportation. Is there a recommended town or hotel that is nearby public transportation in Tuscany? I'm most interested in touring a (or multiple) wineries and not as much visiting monuments so it would be great if I can stay somewhere that is walking distance to wineries or has reliable public transportation. I'll be heading to Venice after Tuscany and will also need to be near a train station in order to head in that direction.


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A trip to Tuscany in September


I apologise for this long delay in responding, :eek:

The most convenient place that comes to mind is Greve in Chianti, close to Florence and several vineyards within walking distance of the town. It also has rather regular transport to Florence.

The other options could be Arezzo - a favorite of mine - it is on a major train line and bus line to Siena - and it is close to vineyards.

And of course there is always Siena, within walking distance is the wine experience, which I have visited and it was great. But it is not on a major train line, which wold mean that you lose a bit of time hooking up with Florence.

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