Travel around Tuscany and Cinque Terre


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Hi, we are planning to have vacation in Italy in early June this year.

We would like to visit thr following places
1. Pisa
2. San gimignano
3. Siena
4. Monteriggioni fortress
5. Lavender field
6. Sun flower field
7. Cinque Terre ie Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso

From here we will go to Milan.

We wish to stay in 1 place and travel around those places.

Can you please kindly advise on the following
1. Where we shall stay? We prefer house or apartment near to train station and easy to park car
2. Which place we can go by train and which place must use car?
3. How many days do we need to travel to those places before we go to Milan?
4. To safe time, can you please advise the sequence of places that we want to go ie which place we can on the same day.

Thank you so much


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Lavendar Fields


we don't get a lot of request for lavender fields in Tuscany, many times they ask for sunflower fields.

But when I saw your request, the name Bibbiano (between San Gimignano and Monteriggioni) immediately came to mind, please read my review for more info about this lovely B&B and on site restaurant, this is also a pretty good location for all the things you want to see.

Monteriggioni and San Gimignano are definitely good for one day

Pisa and Lucca combine well to make a great day trip

Siena practically deserves a day of its own

Cinque Terre deserves a day of its own.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise


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I would suggest at least 3-4 days to see what you wish in Tuscany (and Cinque Terre, even if isn't Tuscany anymore).

A good area would be central Tuscany, somewhere between San Gimignano, Florence and Siena.

Take a look at Casolare di Libbiano and Pancolina, as well as Borgo della Meliana and Tenuta Quadrifoglio.

Like Donna suggested, I would suggest a day trip to include Pisa in the morning, you can do Lucca in the same day.

Then SG, a quick stop in Monteriggioni and Siena for the rest of the day.

CT definitely needs a whole day.

I would suggest driving to all these places, saves time in the end rather than having to deal with train schedules. The places that are best with train are Pisa and Lucca -- there are safe, cheap parking lots outside of the city center where you can park without worries of going too close to the ZTL areas (where you can't drive into, since they are reserved for those with special permits).