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We are traveling to Florence in late Sept (staying one week) and then taking the train to Naples (and then on to Sorrento and Praiano). Can you tell me how long the trip to Naples is? Do we travel to Rome first and then to Naples? I am not sure how the connections are.

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Florence to Naples in 3 hours by train

Hi Anna,

leaving from Florence you can reach Naples in about 3 hours by train. The train called Eurostar Frecciarossa will take you directly to Naples center, taking only a brief stop in Roma Termini train station (no train change is required).
This kind of train is the faster we have in Italy, but quite expensive (the second class is about 60 euros, but sometimes you can find some offers). For the Eurostar you also need to make the seat reservation before.

The official site of Trenitalia informs about schedules, tickets and offers.


Florence to Naples

Thanks Cristina. One more thing -- we do not need to travel the fastest train. How long is it on the regular train?

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trains from Florence to Naples

Instead of the Eurostar Frecciarossa, you can take an Intercity (IC) train to go to Naples from Florence. Intercity takes about 5 hours and half to reach Naples center and the ticket for the second class costs about 40 euros. IMPORTANT: the Intercity trains to Naples leave from Firenze Rifredi train station and not from Santa Maria Novella (the main one, located in the historical center).


Train from Florence to Naples


The IC train you cited -- do you know approximately how many stops there are from Florence to Naples? Forgive me me for all the little questions but we are trying to figure the best way to get there.

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how to get more info on trains and stops from the Ferrovie dello Stato website

Ciao Anna,

The Ferrovie dello Stato's website has very detailed information on all trains and the stops they make, including costs.

Go to and enter "firenze" in the "from" field and "napoli" in the "to" field.
Enter the date you are planning to travel since schedules might defer between weekdays and Sundays.

Once you get results, you can check the "train category" column to see the type of train. In this search, we can see there are only ES/Frecciarossa trains and IC trains from Florence to Naples.
Choose a time you'd be interested in departing and go the far right of that row - select the round button at the very end under the "select" column.
Right below that column there are red buttons, click on "details by selection".

At this point, extra information comes up for that specific train but it isn't that detailed... once again, at the far right there is a button under the "info" column, as soon as you select it more information appears below with every stop and arrival and departure time for that station.

It is very handy to access all this extra information so that you know where and when your train will stop (trains have gotten better at respecting times in recent years). You also know for how long the stops are...many are just a few minutes.

It seems that all IC trains from Florence Rifredi stop in Arezzo, Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, Orvieto, Orte, Roma Termini, Latina, Formia and Aversa before arriving at Napoli Centrale but double check on the train website for the specific date or time you are interested in to make sure you have all the info you need to plan your trip.

Essentially the difference between taking an IC or a ES/Frecciarossa are trip time and cost.... the ES/Frecciarossa costs about 24 euros more per person in second class but takes about 2 hours less to get there.


Thank you so much Lourdes and Cristina for your prompt and thoughtful replies. You have given me some very useful information and it is greatly appreciated.