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I was wondering how important travel insurance is..I know it covers things like medical emergencies, lost baggage, missed flights etc etc..But it is 7 % of the trip cost which would come to about $700. per person...Seems pretty expensive. Any light you can shed on this subject or if anyone has had any issues with or without insurance, I would love to hear about it. Thank you
We normally get it when we travel out of the EU, not in the EU (like to the US) since it can cover any unexpected surprises.
If the cost is too high per person where you got the quote from, you need to shop around and see whether you can get it elsewhere for cheaper. We paid 45 euro per person for our last trip of about 16 days which was a very small part of our travel cost.

Much like Lourdes, I prefer to travel abroad with medical & emergency insurance, and I paid more or less the same price that she did. My insurance option showed up when I bought my flights through Expedia. Many airlines also have connections or affiliates that sell insurance, you may want to look there for a second quote.

You might also want to check your homeowners or any other personal insurance you already have, sometimes they offer insurance for traveling already attached to your existing policy.

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