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My Cousin and I will in traveling through Italy this October we want to rent a car from Bologna and stay in Tuscany at a farm or vineyard for 6 days. This will be our home base and would do day trips most likely park at train stations and enter the areas by train for ease. Places we are wanted to visit are: Perugia, Florance, Cinque Terre and Siena or small towns that look interesting. Although this is a busy itinerary I'm used to driving long distances and I think the scenery will be amazing so will enjoy the drive. Looking for a good area/location to stay as first timers to Italy any advice would be welcomed. I also should mention we are kinda on a budget so some info on some costs on train travel would be great too.


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Getting a round in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

sounds like fun and lots of great things on your itin.

If you are looking at using the trains, Florence makes the most sense because it is a hub and you have frequent and easy access to almost every place on your list.

There are several options of places that are budget friendly -

Places like Siena and Perugia have easy parking options that won't require taking a train to get into the city - and the smaller towns are normally quite easy to access. Florence and Cinque Terre are probably the more problematic. But you can check out this tram option in Florence

My personal experience is 5Terre is best by train - they are comfortable and easy options from Florence. Cinque Terre does not allow cars - so you will have to catch a train from La Spezie in any case. I just find it more relaxing not to have to worry about driving after a full day of enjoy the lovely coastal area.

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